Split walk works well

Hi all. I gave myself half an hour to do a walk. I took the old dog from next door to the mailbox and around the block. That took ten minutes. Then I dropped her back home and went on a nearly 20 minute walk. The weather surprised me by being pleasant and sunny (at the moment). So now I’m in my “office”. I must not look at the washing, dishes or any mess!

I’m off on school camp on Wednesday for a few days, I think that will be quite good exercise as there will be loads of walking.

Bye for now.

Treadmill walk on cold day

Hi there. Yesterday was cold and wet so I got on the treadmill for 25 mins. I got bored with it and couldn’t take any more but I made myself stick it out for the 25.

I bought some fleecy lined track pants yesterday. I didn’t have any decent winter walking pants. Hope it helps me get outside more, although today is again wet and cold and have one daughter home with a bit of gastro. I just went outside to break up a cat fight. Our girl does not like the boy next door. If only they would stay in their own yards.

What have I been doing?

Well, yesterday I walked up the street to the bank. The sun was out so very nice. The day before I walked up the street and then got a phone call from the school saying to pick up one of my daughters who wasn’t feeling well. (She’s fine now.) So I turned around with my shopping trolley and walked straight home. I was going to do my groceries on the way home but obviously that didn’t happen.

Today is freezing! I’m planning to walk up the street to pay the paper account. These walks up the street are only 20 minutes in total. If I can keep them up over winter I will be pleased. If my exercise plan did one thing, it is to make me think of how I can fit some exercise in every day. At the moment it seems to be doing a job on foot. Well, it saves petrol too doesn’t it?

Over and out.

Autumn Walk

Hi there. Today is ANZAC Day and what a lovely day for the march. This morning I went on a walk on my usual route by the river. There weren’t many people about and it was nice to pass another walker or cyclist. At 7.30am it was much colder than what I’ve been used to and my ears and fingers hurt with the frosty feel. Looks like early walks will require hats and gloves.

I arrived home to a cooked breakfast, what a treat.

Have a good day.



Hi everyone. Here I am at the END of the 12 week CSIRO fitness plan. What can I say about this experience? Am I fit? 

I don’t know how to assess if I am fit or not. I can say that I have a better ability to walk without needing to or wishing to stop. I am aware that fitting exercise into every day is important. I know that I will not walk 50-60 minutes 5 days a week. I don’t have that kind of time and I also don’t want to. But I do want to walk 30-40 minutes 4 times a week. I want to continue to bike ride for 30 minutes once a week. And I want to do resistance exercises twice weekly but concentrating on those that shape and tone my legs and arms and abdomen. I only want to spend 30 minutes on exercises, not the 60 minutes that I have been. Again, I just don’t have that sort of time and I really don’t need to work out for that amount of time.

Another part of this program is the getting out, enjoying the outdoors and seeing what other people, dogs, birds etc. are doing. It really is a great fun thing to do.

I also have a desire to incorporate doing jobs by foot instead of by car. I know I can easily walk to the shops, pull home a trolley of groceries and walk to a coffee shop so easily. I can walk to the post office, to where I get the car serviced; the possibilities are endless.

I am getting my cholesterol checked on Monday. This is going to be very interesting  because I haven’t changed my diet. I will find out if the exercising has had an impact. I will blog about those results next week.

I also think that doing exercise is a great things for the kids to see. They will understand that it is a part of life and should be done.

It’s all free. I can do all these exercises every day without getting out a credit card or purse.

Blogging has been like a diary and something that I made a commitment to do daily. It helped enormously.

So thanks to everyone who tuned in, especially those that cheered me on every day. It was great to have you along for the ride (or walk).

I am not sure if I will blog weekly. It might be monthly. But I do intend to blog about things that are related to this fitness plan, and to see how I feel 6, 9 and 12 months after the beginning.

So I’m off to have some bubbly and organise dinner. Oh, by the way, I didn’t do my usual routine today. I have just finished two hours of solid housework. In my fitness plan, that counts!

Have a good evening.



Hi everyone. Today one of my daughters walked in a street parade so we all went along. It was a fabulous walk with bands and lots of other participants. And it is such a beautiful day. My other daughter couldn’t believe that she had walked so far. I might be able to get them out more often on foot.

Tomorrow is the last day of the 12 week program. Until then…


Hi everyone. It’s turned a bit chilly in the mornings but I soon warmed up on my walk. I did the standard, walking track then back home via the street. As I walked along the river a duck had its sights set on getting to the water and he came in just past my face. Luckily we didn’t get up close and personal.

I also met a little dog who was happy and friendly but he wasn’t with anyone. I gave him a pat and thought that if he followed me I’d have to sort out what to do with him. He followed me for a short way and then busied himself in the grass. I called him again but he didn’t come. He had a collar on but no tag. I hope that he lived nearby or that someone else might help him.

So as my final week draws to a close, I will soon make up my own rules. Stay tuned!