Three Day School Camp workout

Hi all. Having returned from school camp, my legs are aching in many places. We went uphill then downhill then uphill again. I found that carrying baskets of food uphill was more than I could comfortably do. But it was fun. As expected we had a full program so not a minute was lost. Last night my daughter and I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. I think a bike ride today would be a good change from walking. Happy exercising all.

Split walk works well

Hi all. I gave myself half an hour to do a walk. I took the old dog from next door to the mailbox and around the block. That took ten minutes. Then I dropped her back home and went on a nearly 20 minute walk. The weather surprised me by being pleasant and sunny (at the moment). So now I’m in my “office”. I must not look at the washing, dishes or any mess!

I’m off on school camp on Wednesday for a few days, I think that will be quite good exercise as there will be loads of walking.

Bye for now.

What have I been doing?

Well, yesterday I walked up the street to the bank. The sun was out so very nice. The day before I walked up the street and then got a phone call from the school saying to pick up one of my daughters who wasn’t feeling well. (She’s fine now.) So I turned around with my shopping trolley and walked straight home. I was going to do my groceries on the way home but obviously that didn’t happen.

Today is freezing! I’m planning to walk up the street to pay the paper account. These walks up the street are only 20 minutes in total. If I can keep them up over winter I will be pleased. If my exercise plan did one thing, it is to make me think of how I can fit some exercise in every day. At the moment it seems to be doing a job on foot. Well, it saves petrol too doesn’t it?

Over and out.

Autumn Walk

Hi there. Today is ANZAC Day and what a lovely day for the march. This morning I went on a walk on my usual route by the river. There weren’t many people about and it was nice to pass another walker or cyclist. At 7.30am it was much colder than what I’ve been used to and my ears and fingers hurt with the frosty feel. Looks like early walks will require hats and gloves.

I arrived home to a cooked breakfast, what a treat.

Have a good day.

I can’t resist the resistance exercises

Hi there. I did my half hour workout today, which I enjoyed mainly because Seinfeld had just come on. I didn’t really want to do the exercises, but I remember my doctor saying how important weights and resistance exercises are. I’m only doing them once a week at the moment. But that’s still more than what I was doing four months ago. If only I could go for a walk now. It’s just gorgeous outside. But I can’t get the kids to come with me. I will just have to try to convince them. Wish me luck.


Hi everyone. Well the cholesterol results are in. And it seems that they have hardly changed. My Total cholesterol reading went down by .1 and my good HDL cholesterol went down by .2 (which is not good).

Last year I checked my cholesterol between March and October. I stopped eating soft cheeses after March and my Total cholesterol dropped by .3 in October and my LDL cholesterol dropped by .3.

Based on those two experiments, I can say that diet is the key to lowering cholesterol.

Have had a busy week but am looking forward to getting back to my walking, cycling etc next week. I feel like I’m missing out when I don’t get out and do something physical.

Will check in again soon. Have a good day.



Hi everyone. This is my official final week of the CSIRO fitness plan. It is certainly a habit now, to plan which activity I will do each day. Whether it’s a walk, a bike ride, or a workout with the resistance tube, exercise has become something that I think about daily. Well done me!

This afternoon I did a workout. I really can’t believe that I am watching the fourth disaster on the news since I began this program. First it was the Queensland floods, then cyclone Yasi,  then the Christchurch earthquake and now the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. It is hard to watch the massive destruction taking place in Japan and our hearts go out to all those affected.

Bye for now.