Autumn exercise

Hi all,

The weather is not as conducive to exercise as the summer and the longer days, but it’s still sunny and warm enough to pop on the runners and walk up the street when needed. Yesterday I walked to the postoffice. Today I walked to the supermarket. I have stopped my resistance exercises to help my left arm to mend as it had become very sore. It’s getting better. I hope to do more soon. Happy exercising.



Hi everyone. I finished work on a manuscript and couldn’t wait to post it. It took 10 minutes to walk to the post office and then I went to the supermarket. I didn’t need much, thank goodness, and carried my small bag of shopping home. It took one hour and five minutes from start to finish, althought that included taking one call on my mobile. It was such a lovely day that I enjoyed having the sun warm me up.  So I saved petrol and did my exercise all in one. Have a good day.