I can’t resist the resistance exercises

Hi there. I did my half hour workout today, which I enjoyed mainly because Seinfeld had just come on. I didn’t really want to do the exercises, but I remember my doctor saying how important weights and resistance exercises are. I’m only doing them once a week at the moment. But that’s still more than what I was doing four months ago. If only I could go for a walk now. It’s just gorgeous outside. But I can’t get the kids to come with me. I will just have to try to convince them. Wish me luck.



Hi everyone. Today I did another 40 minutes lawn mowing. As I was due to do my exercises I dispensed with the treadmill and warmup stretches thinking that the mowing was a good warm up. The exercises took 40 minutes. I was watching ‘Housesitter’ with Goldie Hawn so it made it a fun workout. We all know what happens in the end with Steve Martin so I didn’t need to keep watching.

I have noticed that my arms are definitely looking more toned. It’s harder to tell with the legs but I think they look better too. At the end of the twelve weeks I’ll have to put myself through some tests-like running up the driveway and seeing if I feel as puffed as I used to. All shall be revealed soon. Have a good day.


Week 9/day 3 – GET FIT PLAN

Morning everyone. Well I have to admit that I didn’t do my exercise yesterday. By this week, I should be walking 5 times per week and exercising the other 2. I have stuck to the program really well but my downfall is not doing the work as early as possible.

Yesterday I didn’t feel like doing exercise after school drop-off so told myself that I’d do it later in the day or even while one daughter was at after school jazz. Well, I filled in the day with too much and in the afternoon began making dinner along with cakes for school lunches which I hadn’t finished by school pick-up, then forgot that I had to go to the school that evening for an information session.

The moral is, as I have discovered before, do the exercise first! Which brings me to today. I got straight into the resistance exercises at 9.15am. 50 minutes later I’m finished. So I’m back on track.

Unfortunately, I have been watching the disastrous earthquake footage from Christchurch, NZ. I can’t believe how many disasters have happened since I began this program. Floods, cyclones, bushfires and now an earthquake. It is such a devastating situation. Let’s hope that they can rescue all those trapped people.

Time for a shower now and I can tick ‘exercise’ off my list for the day.

Have a good day.


Week 8/day 4 – GET FIT PLAN

Hi everyone. This afternoon I did my exercises.  Lateral raises – today I did these holding weights. Usually I look at myself front on in the mirror. Today I turned side on and I saw that my arms were not aligned with legs. So I pulled my shoulders back and created a straight line. Almost immediately I felt more of a pull on my arms. It was a much better workout. Then I did the same thing with the bicep curls. I stood side on and could see how my biceps were working. Those muscles were popping out. It was great. So my advice is, check yourself out at different angles in the mirror. You might see a fault or a better way of working a particular exercise. Have a good day.